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Due to popular demand, we are increasing the number of our online Breakfast Briefings this year.
A small charge of £40 plus VAT is being applied and, in view of that, attendees will receive added value.

The sessions will run for 30 - 45 minutes and cover a wide range of topics to help you navigate the ever changing landscape of Employment Law.

Additional benefits include:

  • Access to the slides after the session
  • Brief notes as relevant
  • Checklists and tips as relevant
  • Templates as relevant
  • An email to Cas for clarification on the topic 

For an extra £35 plus VAT you can have a recording of the event and re-visit the briefing at your leisure.

These sessions are FREE to Retainer clients and include access to our online channel to watch again at your leisure, please contact Cas for your promotional code.

"These sessions are of enormous benefit and help for updates and clarification of employment law. A 30 minute session early in the day is very convenient and the style of delivery keeps everything lively and interesting. Highly recommended! "
Joy Kent – Ipswich Citizens Advice Bureau


Event Dates

Discrimination - The very least you need to know

Thursday 1st August - 09:00am

This breakfast briefing will discuss the importance of understanding unlawful discrimination, and explain the basics of the law.

Discrimination law cuts across every single aspect of the employment relationship.  Failure to understand your organisation’s obligations and liabilities may not only result in treating individuals unfairly but also result in costly litigation and reputational damage.

Cas can’t make you an expert in discrimination at work in 30-45 minutes but she can certainly help you to build the foundations, and to recognise what you don’t know, which is key!

If you do NOT need a recording of the Briefing - then enter code PROMOBB  into the discount code box to pay only £40 +VAT
Book Today £75.00 (excl. VAT)

Disciplinary Investigations - Ensuring a Professional and Fair Process

Tuesday 17th September - 09:00am

This breakfast briefing will give you the tools you need to help ensure a solid and accomplished investigation, including checklists and templates to use in the workplace.

At KLC, when we are dealing with an employment tribunal claim, and see a poorly run investigation, we know that the game is probably up and that settlement is probably the only sensible option.

A fair, and properly conducted, investigation is the foundation of a fair disciplinary/grievance procedure, as a flawed investigation will bring the walls tumbling down and result in a successful employment tribunal claim.

If you do NOT need a recording of the Briefing - then enter code PROMOBB  into the discount code box to pay only £40 +VAT
Book Today £75.00 (excl. VAT)

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