02 June 2014

Acas Early conciliation service - contact list

We are sure you can’t have missed the introduction of early conciliation (EC) which came fully into force on 6 May 2014.

However, for multi-site employers there is a concern that Acas may contact someone in the organisation who may not know how to respond appropriately to such an approach, and the chance to take part in EC will be missed.

To help avoid this confusion Acas have set up a contact list so that employers may register with them.  This means that if Acas receive an EC form from an employee, the Acas conciliator will contact the appropriate company representative who will be able to deal with the query.

If you wish to register with Acas just send an email to eccontactslist@acas.org.uk

Should you receive notification from Acas that a potential claimant is proposing EC we would suggest you contact us so we may discuss the merits and risks of entering into or rejecting EC.

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