15 February 2013

EHRC guidance on religion or belief

Following the European Court of Human Rights decision in Eweida & ors v UK the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has published Religion or belief in the workplace: A guide for employers following the recent European Court of Human Rights judgments which provides advice to employers on how they should respond to requests from employees on the basis of religion or belief, including a lack of religion of belief.   The guide  provides information on the following:

  • How will an employer know if a religion of belief is genuine?
  • What kind of religion or belief requests will an employer need to consider?
  • What steps should an employer take to deal with a request?
  • What questions should employers ask to ensure their approach to a religion or belief request is justified?
  • Do employees now have a right to promote their particular religion or belief when at work?
  • Can employees refrain from work duties?

The guide also contains some practical examples.  The EHRC has also published a companion guide  Religion or belief in the workplace: An explanation of recent European Court of Human Rights judgments.

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