28 May 2021

Feeling rather positive really!

Last week I delivered my first face-to-face employment law seminar since February 2020, and it was bloomin’ marvellous!  Now don’t run away thinking I’m being immodest about my presentation, what I mean is, it was marvellous because I was actually in the same room as the attendees.  I could see and hear all their reactions and questions and laughter (I like to think they were laughing with me, not at me), and it’s what I love about my job.

For those of you who are still nervous about attending face-to-face events, I must say that the venue made sure that everything was super-safe and everything felt…well, normal!  My experience of hospitality venues (both personally and professionally) has been that they have pulled out all the stops not only to keep people safe but also make people feel safe.

Having said that, there is an excellent argument for some employment law presentations to continue to be delivered via video platform both in terms of cost effectiveness, administrative ease, learning format and efficacy.

It’s not just our employment law training delivery that has had to adapt during the pandemic though.  Piers Chadwick, Partner, has just completed a two-day, in person, employment tribunal after having 14 months of having to represent our clients via telephone or cloud video hearings.

Like me, Piers sees the return to ‘attendance in person’ as evidence that work-life is returning to normal.  Also, like me, Piers believes that telephone and video hearings will always have their place but that there is nothing like representing and cross-examining witnesses face to face and that it will always produce better results in really complex cases.

After 30 years of appearing at employment tribunal, Piers said at the end of the case that it had been so good to actually have been inside an employment tribunal again.

Talking of face-to-face events, there are only five weeks now before the Law on Tour re-commences.  I can’t wait to see you in person, but if for whatever reason, ‘in person’ is not for you, we’re also delivering the Law on Tour via virtual classroom and webinar as well.

 If you want to know more about the Law on Tour, click here.

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