17 March 2015

Government announce NMW rates for October 2015

The Government have accepted the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission (LPC) to increase the National Minimum Wage (NMW).  The new rates will apply from 1 October 2015.

Since 1 October 2014

From 1 October 2015

Adult rate (21 plus)



Youth development (18-20)



16 & 17 year old



However the Government went well above the LPC recommendation in relation to the apprentice rate which will increase by 57 pence to £3.30 from £2.73.  The LPC had recommended a 7 pence increase.  Vince Cable, Secretary of State for BIS, had suggested last year that the apprentice rate should be scrapped and brought up to the 16 and 17 year old rate.

The accommodation allowance will increase from £5.08 to £5.35 per week.
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