20 December 2013

Government consults on zero hours contracts

The Government has launched a consultation on zero hours contracts.   The focus of the consultation is on the use of exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts and the apparent lack of transparency over zero hours contracts.  Specifically the Government is seeking views on the following options:

  • Legislating to ban the use of exclusivity clauses in contracts that offer no guarantee of work;
  • Government issuing guidance on the fair use of exclusivity clauses;
  • Encouraging the production of an employer-led Code of Practice on the fair use of exclusivity clauses, with an additional option to seek Government sponsorship of that Code; or
  • Rely on existing common law redress which enables individuals to challenge exclusivity clauses;
  • Improving the content and accessibility of information, advice and guidance;
  • Encouraging a broader, employer-led Code of Practice which covers the fair use of zero hours contracts generally; and
  • Whether and how Government could produce model clauses for zero hours contracts.

The consultation will close on 13 March 2014. Click here to read the consultation document. 

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