21 November 2022

November 2022 update - KLC NEWS

Law on Tour

Cas Carrington, Partner,  and John Fenton, Senior Associate, have been travelling around the UK this month presenting the Autumn Law on Tour.  It’s been a fantastic success and we’re delighted to have so many people attend both the f2f and online events.

The final tour date is in London on Wednesday 30 November so there is still time to book if you fancy a day of employment law and lunch!  Such a winning combination!

As soon as the Autumn tour ends, Cas will be back to the drawing board and writing the Spring 2023 Law on Tour.   

Breakfast Briefings

The KLC Breakfast Briefings have proved to be extremely popular, and Cas will continue our series of 30-minute briefings in the New Year.

Employment tribunals

Piers Chadwick, Partner, continues to be very busy representing our clients in tribunal, both in-person and online. But, don’t feel too sorry for him as there is not much work-wise that he enjoys more! 

Although some employment tribunals are clearing some of the backlog of cases, we are still having cases listed way into the future, some as late as the end of summer 2024.

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