11 December 2014

Quarterly ET statistics show continued fall in ET claims

The Ministry of Justice has today published a bulletin setting out the quarterly statistics for July - September 2014 for tribunals including the Employment Tribunals (ETs).


The number of single claims received was 4,252, 61% lower than in the same quarter last year.
The number of multiple claims (that is claims brought by two or more people) was 9,360 which related to 401 multiple claim cases.  The number of multiple claims cases has been falling over the last few quarters from around 1,000 in the same quarter last year.  The trend in multiple claims is more volatile than single claims due to large numbers of claims against a single employer which can skew the national figures and have to be resubmitted each quarter (such as the airline industry cases over the last few years which are now mainly disposed).


ET's disposed of 19,602 claims between July and September, 28% fewer than the same quarter in 2013.   Disposals of single claims decreased by 62%.  

Of the jurisdictional complaints (that is each of the complaints within each claim):

  • 19% were for unauthorised deductions
  • 13% were for unfair dismissal
  • 23% were for equal pay
  • 17% were for sex discrimination.

20% of claims were resolved by Acas, 46% were withdrawn, and 8% of complaints were dismissed by an Employment Judge after initial consideration of the claim and response.


The average time for a claim to be dealt with (from the date it was accepted by the ET) was 39 weeks, up from the same quarter last year.

To read the full report or look at the detailed breakdown of the statistics, click here.

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