02 March 2017

Read Cas's blog for the CIPD Law on Tour

KLC clients who are CIPD members may have seen the adverts, or received emails from the CIPD, about the forthcoming Spring Law on Tour workshops that Cas writes and delivers. Read Cas's blog (below) that she writes for the CIPD if you want to find out more about what will be on offer, and what happened at the Oscars....
And the winner is....La La Land!  Well as it turned out, it wasn't, but after huge confusion and embarrassment all round, justice prevailed, and the rightful winner was named and handed the Oscar.  Phew!  When I had managed to stop laughing, what struck me most about the fiasco wasn't the fact that such a monumental mistake had been made, it was the look of utter confusion on Warren Beatty's face.  That icon of the silver screen had followed his instructions carefully.  He'd opened the envelope, pulled out the slip of paper, and tried to read what was on it, but... it was plain to see that he just couldn't make sense of it (with good reason as we now know). I sympathise with him.  What was he to do?  Bar shouting "Stop! This is all wrong!  Can we have something that makes sense please?", he just had to get on with it.
Comparing poor Mr Beatty's conundrum, with the topic I should be blogging about, this is exactly what employers have to do every time a new piece of employment law is implemented.  Hands up (figuratively speaking, otherwise you will look really weird if you're reading this in the office or on public transport) if you've ever had to make sense of, and then implement, a piece of employment legislation in your organisation?  Sometimes the law we have to roll out is written in such an abstruse way that, unless we're able to provide a 'development opportunity' for some unsuspecting colleague by inviting them to undertake the task, we're left spending precious time deciphering the Government lawyers' code.
Happily for all of us, the new gender pay gap regulations, for all sectors, are fairly straightforward.  Gender pay issues, including equal pay, is just one of the topics that we will be covering in the Spring 2017 Law on Tour workshops, when we kick off in London on 25 April 2017.  We'll also be discussing everything else that's new in employment law and case law, as well as focusing on the huge subject of employment status in the 'gig economy'.   This is currently a major area of concern for the Government, as evidenced by several Government inquiries and an independent review being undertaken on the subject, and of course the reform of IR35 in the public sector.
As all HR practitioners will know, all employees are workers, but not all workers are employees!  Of course while workers have some employment rights, employees have far more, and of course the robustly self-employed have hardly any at all.  And by the way, some workers call themselves self-employed, and aren't, while other workers want to be employees, and are.  Borrowing from (and apologies for bending a little) that famous line from George Orwell's novella, Animal Farm, under the current employment status rules, "All workers are equal, but some are more equal than others".
Confused?  If you are, you don't have to be.  Just book your place on one of the Law on Tour workshops, where all will be explained in a straightforward and fun way.  Alternatively if you'd like to book the workshop as an in-house event please just get in touch with us direct by calling 01483 415276.
We'll look forward to seeing you there.

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