21 January 2016

Results of Government consultation about strike ballot thresholds

The Government has today announced the results of the consultation about balloting for strike action in important public services.  The consultation found evidence of public service users having been significantly disrupted by strikes which had taken place with the backing of only a small proportion of union members and the Government give as an example a strike in the education sector in 2014 organised by the NUT which went ahead with the support of just 22% of their members.
The Government has set out that it will draft regulations to:

  • define 'important public services'
  • remove the broad reference to ancillary workers in the Trade Union Bill
  • apply the 40% threshold to private sector union members where they are carrying out specified important public services
    require ballots to be run under the 40% threshold rules where a majority of workers involved are carrying out an important public service.

To read the press release, click here
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