16 February 2017

Trade Union Act to come into force 1 March 2017

The Trade Union Act 2016 will come into force on 1 March 2017...well most of it anyway.
Confusingly it appears there may still be a few provisions left to implement but these can be brought into force later by Regulations, just like these latest provisions have been!

The key provisions of the Act in force from 1 March 2017 include:
At least 50% of the union's membership must turn out to vote, for industrial action to be passed.

  • A threshold of 40% of those eligible to vote must vote in favour of action, in certain important public services, including border security, education, fire sector, health, and the nuclear sector.
  • A clear description of the type of industrial action proposed must be set out on the ballot paper so that all union members are clear about what they are voting for.
  • A 6 month time limit for action to take place (increased to 9 months by agreement between the employer and the union).

Doubling the notice period for industrial action to 14 days, unless the employer agrees to 7 days.

Click here to read the statutory instrument bringing these latest provisions into force.

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