01 April 2015

Unison ET fees appeal to be heard in June

Unison have been granted permission by the Court of Appeal to proceed with appeals against the decisions of the High Court refusing its two judicial review applications on the lawfulness of employment tribunal fees.

Unison's applications were rejected by the High Court in December 2014 because the High Court judged that the evidence as it stood demonstrated that the fee regime neither resulted in the principle of effectiveness being breached, nor gave rise to indirect discrimination.  Although there was agreement that there was overwhelming evidence that the fee regime had had an effect on the number of claims being made, the lack of evidence presented to the court concerning individual cases resulted in no case being made that 'would be' claimants, with arguable cases, have been prevented from lodging claims.

The appeals are expected to be heard together in June 2015.  Click here to read the Unison press release.  

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